Killstar Cathedral Skater Dress – review

cathedral skater dress collar

I fell in love with the Cathedral Skater dress by Killstar from the moment I first saw it, I’ve never owned a black dress with a white collar before, and this one is just perfect! The exaggerated pointed white collar makes it a bit different from the usual Wednesday Addams inspired dresses I see around; and skater dresses are my favourite to wear so I had to have it.

Being a skater dress, the Cathedral is fitted on the top, and flares out at the bottom in a very nice A-line skirt.
I’ve noticed the waist of the dress comes up a bit higher instead of sitting on my actual waist, as you can see from the horizontal seam on the torso. My bust stretching a bit the fabric is probably not helping with that, but the fit is very nice nonetheless.
It’s snug on my torso and it starts to flare out slightly below the bust, making it look very flattering on my definitely not flat stomach!

The sleeves have a nice little puff on the shoulders and are comfortably long. The stretchy fabric makes allows me to move my arms freely with no constriction at all, more on the materials below.

There is a long zip on the back along the center seam. I have to admit it’s not easy to open and close it with no help, but the dress is so stretchy that somehow I managed to pull the zip all the way up by myself, even if I struggled a bit.
I was concerned about the zip breaking off when it comes to the final bit at the collar. The last couple of centimeters (roughly 1″) are very hard to pull, but I’ve had no problems yet. Everything seems sturdy and the dress could definitely tollerate a bit of pulling here and there.



The Cathedral Skater Dress is available in sizes XS to 4XL. 3XL and 4XL are in the plus size section of the Killstar website.

My size M measures approximately 85 cm (33.5″) from shoulder to bottom, and it ends about mid thigh on me.
The sleeves measure 67 cm (26.5″) and the bust and waist circumferences are respectively 80cm (31,5″) and 72cm (28.5″).
Please note that all measurements were taken by me on the dress laid flat and may not be extremely accurate. Also the fabric stretches a lot and fits perfectly on my 97cm (37″) bust and 79cm (31″) waist without being tight.


The main fabric is a sturdy and stretchy woven black fabric, while the collar is a softer white synthetic fabric. It might be nylon but I don’t know for sure.
The label says:

72% rayon, 24% nylon, 4% elastane.
Made in China.

I am pleasantly surprised by the amount of stretch and the overall comfort of this fabric. Although it feels quite synthetic at the touch, it’s actually very breathable and nice to wear.
The material is structured and holds the shape very well, making the skirt slightly flare out without any petticoat.

Care – washing instructions

Machine wash cold.
Do not tumble dry.
Do not dry clean.
Iron on reverse.
Wash with similar colours.
Colours may transfer onto other garments.
Hang to dry after removing excess water.

I haven’t washed the dress yet but I’ll make sure to update about it later on. I will pay extra attention to the collar in order to keep it white and bright.


Where to buy

Killstar is an alternative brand that has its own online shop and ships worldwide. They currently have three online stores: UK, US, HK so you can pick the best option for you depending on where you’re located.
There are several online sellers that stock this brand, but here is the link to the official Killstar website where the Cathedral Skater Dress retails for £39.99 / $52.99
(not an affiliate link)

You can get a 5€/5£ coupon on your first purchase if you use my link:

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I’m not an affiliate, you can join the rewards program and share your own link.
This post is not sponsored in any way and I did buy the item with my own money. I was not asked nor paid to review this item and I’ve expressed my own personal opinions about it.

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