New Rock Seventy boots review – M.SEVE02-S1

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New Rock – Brand

New Rock is well known for their high quality footwear; everything is still made in Spain to this day and it’s definitely worth the investment. Older styles were probably made of slightly different materials, because they were generally quite heavy; but the new versions are much lighter in terms of actual weight of the shoes. They mainly use high quality real leather, but they also offer a great selection of vegan boots and shoes.

I bought my New Rock ankle boots directly from the official website . They have an outlet section with amazing deals and I managed to get my boots for way less than half their original price (that was over 200€). Shipping can be very expensive even for a single pair of shoes because of the volume and weight of the package; but it was still absolutely worth it on something so heavily discounted. There was also a nice metal keychain with the New Rock logo included in my order.

New Rock review

My boots are part of the Seventy line, and they come in a variety of styles and colours, all with the same heel and platform silhouette. My particular model is M.SEVE02-S1, the most simple of all of the line besides the fact that it has a metal heel. (there is a also version with the black heel made of the same material as the platform).

They are made of a very soft real leather. If you look really close, you may be able to notice some slight imperfections of the leather, and this does not mean low quality.
The boots lace up at the front but there is also a side zip, always a nice bonus. The laces are not waxed and I think they may become fuzzy over time.
There’s a metal plate shaped like a razor blade at the base of the lacing, with New Rock engraved on it.
Every eyelet also has the brand name engraved on it.

I can’t see any stitching on the actual sole so the boot might just be glued to it; but I’m not sure. The stitching detail that goes all around the sole is actually not real but molded into the material of the sole.

The heel is made of a nice textured metal in silver colour, and it’s 11cm high (a little over 4″) at the very back (highest point). It has a thick rubber sole nailed to it.
The platform is most likely made of rubber or some kind of plastic, and it has the usual non slip – anti aquaplaning New Rock sole.
It curves slightly on the front to help you walk better, and it measures 5,5cm (a little over 2″) so my foot is actually sitting on a 5,5cm heel.
The sole and heel are wide and stable, and I find this height to be very easy to walk in, even for someone that’s not used to wear heels.

On the inside there is a full lenght cushioned insole that feels very soft and comfortable even for longer period of times.

Try on

I’ve made a short video where I unbox my new pair of New Rock boots and do a quick try on.
Play it here below or click this link if you want a closer look to all the details mentioned in my review.

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