Punk Rave – Mortal Portal Dress – review

Mortal Portal Dress by Punk Rave is a black, long sleeve, cotton dress with an asymmetric pointy hem. It features a statement collar and harness-like details on both front and back, and is completed by faux leather and metal accents. The fit is figure hugging but the fabric is soft and stretchy. To me this is the perfect combo of comfort and very cool details.
The top of the high neck is not stretchy so the dress has a hidden zip along the collar.
The top part of the harness is stitched down onto the dress and the two straps hang free from the front o-ring to the back o-ring hugging the bust, and are not removable nor adjustable.
On the front there are two cutouts trimmed in a very soft faux leather, and a D-ring with the writing Punk Rave engraved on it.

front dress



Punk Rave offers this dress in only 3 sizes: F.XS-S, F.M-L, and F.XL-2XL (I guess the F stands for Female sizing); and being an Asian brand, their sizing tends to be smaller than European or American brands. They always offer a detailed size chart with measurements for every garment and I found that to be very helpful (stretchy fabrics will accomodate a bit more than that as well).
I currently own 2 Punk Rave dresses, including Mortal Portal, and I bought both in the size XL-2XL and they both fit perfectly. For reference my usual dress size is M, sometimes L because of my bust if the fabric is not stretchy.

Due to the placement of the straps, you might find the top of the dress to be too tight if you usually wear XL or 2XL as this dress actually claims to be.
For reference: my bust measures 94cm / 37″ and I feel it might begin to be a little uncomfortable if I had a larger bust.


I’ve taken all measurements with the dress laying flat (just double that for the circumference). I’m not a professional so these may not be 100% accurate but I hope it can help.
Please account some stretch as well.

Size F.XL-2XL

Chest: 42cm (16.5″)
Waist: 36cm (14″)
Hips: 46cm  (18″) – flares a bit towards the bottom
from shoulder to shortest point: 81cm (32″)
from shoulder to longest point: 133cm (52″)



Fabric1: cotton 95.3% spandex 4.7%
Made in China

The fabric is a strong cotton with a nice weight to it, it’s not see trough and it’s comfortably stretchy.

Care & washing instructions


Machine wash 30°
No chlorine bleach
Do not tumble dry
Dry flat
Iron at 110° max
The color of this garment may fade if exposed to sunlight for an extended period of time

Price and where to buy

I bought Mortal Portal Dress for 55€ on that ships worldwide for free from China, but there are several other official resellers all over the world.

Please note that I’ve seen the same dress listed with a different name on other websites, you can try and search for Mortal Portal as well as Tremere Dress

I bought the dress with my own money and was not asked to write this review, there are no affiliate links in this post.